I Am Loved

If any cause and effect is to be found in the impossibly complexitly of the world, my recent expiriments in cutting back have gone fantastically well. (Near total lack of harp practice notwithstanding.)

In my employement, I’m plugging away at our decrepit ERP facilities (with reference to the last entry, can you imagine a manufacturing company not keeping an eye whether shipping dates are being met?) and getting some thanks for it. I’ve also started an software department education program (perhaps more later), and despite some skeptisim, am starting hear some positive comments.

Meanwhile refocusing myself on technical matters is working back into my natural interests. The fact that I’ve been writting again might offer some evidence of this.

The condo association board was quite interested to know that I would be running again.

In martial arts, there are various indications of approval. For a while now, I’ve been given primariy direction over an advanced student to whom, well, the discipline and coordination of martial arts are not his primary gifts. The other day he gave me a thank you card, for no special occasion at all.

In short, while I’ve taken certain conditions as demands and stress, most of them also coming from people needing me. To some extect that is what love is – being needed.

I don’t want this to go to my head. Still, the combination of events, internal and external, has left me feeling like I am entering into the fullness of my adult power.

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