An Agitation of Mind.

The REST article was something of a deliberate attempt to focus my mind. It has been in my head since well before I announced my intent to ‘blog’ more, so it was certainly something I needed to get around to. It worked pretty at focusing.

I then proceded with “I Am Loved” for a specific reason. However, those ideas were pretty much fully formed and waiting in more or less the same queue as the REST article. I made this a separate post to avoid putting any shadow on that fact, even though today’s events further reinforce it.

I can cross something off my never-done list.

“Have you ever had a woman all but throw herself at you?”

Beyond that, it would be impolite to say more in a public forum.

No, while unexpected, this is not quite out of the blue. Anyone who knows me should not be surprised that I’ve kept quiet on certain leading events over the last few months.

Hopefully this little posting exercie has quieted my mind enough to allow clearer reflection on the matter.


  1. trifthen says:

    We’re actually implementing REST to build a service backbone for our data systems, so it was kinda amusing to hear you wax on that topic. In other news:

    Justin’s got a giiiiiiirlfriend, Justin’s got a giiiiirlfriend!


  2. admin says:

    Any interesting stories from your implementation? Or does your data map to nouns a little more cleanly?

  3. trifthen says:

    Not especially, no. Our data, though the sources are complicated, is actually very simple. But our head developer is currently gaga over REST and it’ll provide the communication backbone for our revised CMS and ETL smorgasbord.

  4. admin says:

    I hadn’t heard of ETL before, but it’s a nice little pattern. A couple of the queries I’m working with take a while, but are working with almost entirely historical data; I had already been thinking that they could easily be precalculated.