The Open Door

It’s not that I felt trapped, really. I’ve had little doubt that I would get along okay, if I suddenly found myself unemployed. This mental safety net being rather necessary to broaching a possibly unpleasant subject with my employer. It’s just that while I don’t worry about being able to go ‘somewhere’, I haven’t had any place in particular I wanted to go for a long time.

I got disenchanted with the video game industry when I begin hearing about the massive crunch time. Meanwhile I’ve discovered a definite preference for improving the place I’m at instead of picking up and moving someplace else.

After a while, Google seemed like possibility; they’ve been hiring aggressively (though often PhDs, so maybe I wouldn’t make the cut). I suspect I’ve suffered for lack of senior programmers to learn from, where I am now; it would be a good place to correct that, but perhaps I’ve stagnated without such influences.

But I found it. Intentional Software is building one of my ideas – a model-centric programming system. This is one of the things I would work on if money was no issue. There are probably some bright people there as well. And did you catch the inverted E and A in the name? These are the assertions ‘there exists’ and ‘or all’, concepts I’ve only come to appreciate, superficially yet, recently. (Principally through Inform and Godel, Escher, Bach) Intentional hasn’t talked about this in the blog yet, but I doubt this was an accidental choice.

I’m not going anywhere soon. I’ve still got my roots. But I’ve got a much stronger saftey net.

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