LJ and the art of speaking in public

You may not want to read this, if you are at all squeamish with restrooms and related activities.

The real title being:

Om and the art of peeing in public

Perhaps it is my shy nature, but I’ve always had trouble with publish restrooms. I could often get by in large busy ones, where chances are no one was paying me any mind, but it was hit or miss. The smaller restrooms at work, where people know me, are a bit more difficult.

At some point, I figured out that trick is to distract the mind and not think about the other people. I started with counting, which often helped in lower stress situations. Eventually, however, I found that ‘Om’ is usually pretty effective at focusing the mind and getting on with my business. It has thus far been completely effective in large restrooms. I’ve not had as much opportunity to try it in more personal situations. It is still largely habit to turn around at the door when I see the facilities are occupied, although I’ve been able to follow through on other’s aborted entries well enough.

I’ve also found Om wonderfully effective at recalling myself from daydreaming, say, in the shower – except that I’m not likely to remember the trick in a state of distraction.

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