…I’ve got subscriptions.

For those of you not familiar with the line, the first part is “I don’t have issues…”

But, more seriously, the, er, issue at had is actually magazine subscriptions. With wish I do have some issues. Basically, there was a time when I had too man subscriptions; it seemed like the few idle evenings during a month got taken up reading them. Quite some time ago I started pruning out the less interesting ones as renewals came up. It’s somewhat more manageable now, but a little while ago I basically decided that I really need to cut them all out. The ones that have survived up this point brings us back to the shooting babies situation a little bit. The main argument for cancellation comes down to quality: magazines a like the junk food of reading. Sometimes tasty in the moment, but ultimately devoid of real depth.

But now the strengths concept of Input is casting a little doubt on it. If I totally cut myself off from new information, am I also cutting out my power source? Of course there is the content argument again – it’s not that I won’t be reading, it just won’t be remotely current events. Problem? It’s somewhat of an open question – I’m probably going to keep evaluating renewals as they come up, with a definite prejudice towards cancellation. Magazines need to earn their keep, and, usually, when I look back over past issues, I can’t find anything that really affected me.

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