I just looked at my library receipt again. The audiobooks are due on 06-06-06. Playing two of three titles has so far resulted in no demon summonings, so I think I’m safe ;^)


  1. You’re about to play the third of three? Are you MAD! *horror*

    *. . . muffled giggling*

  2. trifthen says:

    Being as no possible combination of 2006-06-06 results in 666, I’d say you’re safe. Now, those poor souls of the year 06-06-06 may have had something to worry about, but they weren’t using the Gregorian Calendar back then. ^_~

  3. admin says:

    I’ve already started. Hmm… mid-evil history does sound a little suspicous ;^)

  4. admin says:

    While I’ve generally perfered that format the last few years, it isn’t always as much fun :^)