Online Calendar

Such is my life these days that I can’t really commit to anything unless I have my calendar available, which generally means being at home. Since I have an online journal, online e-mail access, and online bookmarks, I figured that surely there was an online calendar. Actually, there are several; I didn’t have the patience to look at all of them in detail. I choose because they had a good selection of view modes. It sometimes returns ‘document contains no data’, but there is a paid service option if it works out. The other little issue is that sometimes the event colors mixed up, especially on the list year view. Anyway, it is available if anybody is curious.


  1. capnbuckle says:

    Tch, tch, tch. You haven’t put Serenity on your calendar. And it appears that September 30, is otherwise uncommitted. Might want to ammend that.


  2. flower76 says:

    Dang. You busy. :)

    My Halloween party this year is on 10/28/05 (Friday night), if you are able to make it. I’m co-hosting with the guy who was the Mad Hatter last year (Brian). :)

  3. admin says:

    At least I’m not alone in that impression.

    Halloween looks good so far :-) Keep me up to date as detail become available.

  4. admin says:

    Well, I had no idea what you were talking about, but between the name and date google made short work of it. The URL told me was a movie, but actually downloading the bloated site took quite some time. Near as I can tell, it is a movie presentation of a sci-fi/western TV series that I’ve seen Jenn watching. It sounds like you are making unwarented assumptions about my fan group membership ;^) (Also, about my TV viewing habits, which further presumes I have time to watch TV.)

  5. capnbuckle says:

    True, I did make some assumptions, there, didn’t I?

    But really…it was more of a tongue-in-cheek tease rather than a serious comment. My apologies if the humor missed the mark. :)

  6. admin says:

    Well, I suspected something like that. (Both the nature of the movie and the intent of the comment) In a sense I was poking fun right back ;^) I do have a tendancy to look at things literally, even if I don’t completely take them that way.

  7. capnbuckle says:

    No sweat! I knew what you meant. :)

    Incidentally, what were the other Calendar services you were looking at? I’m contemplating hosting my own, but I don’t know if that really is the best solution. The big thing with most options always seems to be uploading local changes to the server. Downloading an ical file to the local client is pretty easy.

  8. admin says:

    Mainly I was running down the DMOZ list. You’ll notice I only got as far as ‘c’ ;^) (But don’t disparage the ones before that; my requirements are probably different than yours)

    Let me know if you find any really good ones.