The Timeless World

A while ago, the power went out. I wasn’t home, but all the clocks were reset.

I left them that way.

On the whole it isn’t very effective – I often need to meet people at a certain time, which seems to be the main use clocks. That and timing things, but I’ve been using the timer feature of the microwave for cooking. Only some idle weekends do I approach the full effect, and even then I still have a pretty good idea of the progress of the day based on the sun and when I get hungry. I’m also still tracking my sleep schedule, so I’ve a set of fenceposts on the day. Still, it’s nice to get away from the constant glances at the clock sometimes.

One Comment

  1. mandydax says:

    We lose power all the time out here at the lake. We’re very good at reseting clocks. Le’ssee… starting downstairs and working up:
    Land-line phone with digital answering machine and time-stamp,
    coffee pot,
    TiVo (resetting so the 30-second skip and onscreen clock appears),
    Patti’s alarm clock,
    other TiVo (same as above).
    Hmm, only 7. I thought there were more. ;)

    Y’know I think that would make a neat little meme.