Human potential.

“[...]It would come to quickly represent every knowledge base, and every skill base you could imagine, plus, a virtually unlimited amount of time, energy, and resources. And we were right, but we were off by one order of magnitude. We had around three million people on the A.I. project, and about three million people on ilovebeess as well … Damn, there’s nothing they can’t solve, there is nothing they solve instantly.”

-Jordan Weisman, from an interview in Game Developer magazine, May 2005

Think about that. there’s nothing they can’t solve Could this method be applied to “real world” problems?

Actually, there are problems. The alternate reality games are kinds of puzzles – there is an answer, the answer is known, and there is some logical path of conclusions that leads from the information given to the result desired. I suspect you’d have to satisfy most of those properties for the method to achieve the same level of success.

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