The Explorer

I got a little closer to my own nature. I spent most of the day figuring out how to enter information into our new ERP system. All and all, despite how it may sound, not an unenjoyable experience.

I’ve known for some time that I’ve been tending towards generalist – programming turned into game design turned into patterns, digital publishing, and now music. Somewhere, I started martial arts. Often after a certain depth, I start to lose interest- writing C doesn’t excite me, though some other language might be more interesting. Where I get ‘flow’ is digging into some new problem – related enough to previous experience so I have some place to stand, but still outside of that experience. I think the fascination with video games has something to do with this – each one is a brand new uncharged world to explore. To some extent I think my avoidance of mental puzzles has more to do with a recognition of time spent to no direct benefit, than real disinterest. I am the problem solver – I’ve been thinking that an ideal environment would be where I rove from project to project unsticking the othe people wherever they got stuck.

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