I’ve been on a downswing the last few days – I’ve been getting up a little later every day. Partway through Saturday’s martial arts seminar I really started to feel beat, and Sunday I woke up feeling tired and foggy-headed. I”m feeling somewhat better now; in the evening I was able to read for a few hours without my eyes shutting on me.

The harp tuning is going better. Using my fingernail on the high strings produces much better results on the tuner (I’ve also been in a different room, which may have different acoustic properties – I avoided it initially because of the computer fan.) The strings are also beginning to hold their tuning, so the process is going much faster. On the other hand, the recent cold snap demonstrated that my heater is a rather flat B, sometimes a sharp B-flat ;^)

Something I forgot to mention before – even on the first tuning, it became apparent that I would be developing callouses. Indeed, I’ll need to in order to play for any great length of time.

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