A little dust to blow off there… ;^)

I’ve generally been doing well, but there hasn’t been much I felt like talking about. An overview.

I rode down to the waterfall today; It has been a long time (probably at least all winter) since I’ve been down there. Someone tore through with a chainsaw and seriously reduced the local forest. The first reaction of course was indignation; the place had a hidden quality, where you could kind of miss it, then walk over the bridge realize the waterfall is there. But I’ve also been reading Book 3 of The Nature of Order (which finally, after years on preorder, arrived a month or two ago.) So I had to stop and ask: Is the place better, or worse? To be fair I probably didn’t meditate on the place long enough, but it is possible that it has gotten better. The waterfall enhances the path, the path enhances the waterfall. The centers, formally separate, now can reinforce each other.

I’ve begun exploring USB peripherals, in consideration of my ailing computer. I have a new keyboard, USB flash drive for incremental backups, and and external CD writer for archiving the files I don’t touch much any more. With the data loss risk reduced, I’m much more comfortable using the computer until it dies. My BIOS locks up if something is plugged in on reset, but that is workable. Windows 98, despite the trouble I had with the haptic mouse, hooked everything up without a hitch. Linux has been rather a bit more trouble. ‘usbmgr’ had limited success; I had some success with the hotplug system, but the computer would lock up during shutdown, without unmounting the hard drive, so that got un=installed quickly. Plugging things in after BIOS but before the kernel seems to the best solution for now.

I repotted all my plants last week. The process of gathering all the pots, taking them downstairs, emptying and re-filling them, and then carrying the lot back upstairs made me realize just how many pots I have. Most of them are on one Pothos plant that I keep clipping and planting. Fed up with scrawny, leafless vines, I decided to try the bushy effect. I cut all the vines into sections of a couple of inches (filling two buckets) and stuck most of them into the fresh soil. I still have about half a bucket sitting in water, where they seem to be doing fairly well until I get more pots. It looks like on basil plant won’t make it (the don’t seem to like being replanted) The pineapples appear to want larger pots, and I stepped both of them up little.

I’ve been playing Banjo-Tooie (N64 game) lately. In a sense it is an evolution of the Mario 64 game play, with a lot of lock-and-key mechanics. One interesting thing is that most of the keys are alternate characters, each of which has various limitations. I seem to be settling into a pattern of playing an hour or two at night.

Perhaps that has something to do with the way I’ve been sleeping less. But with the onset of spring, and the reintroduction of soy milk into my diet, scientific conclusions are not forthcoming. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the extra hour every day. ;-)

For the moment most of that time is lost; I finally got talked into making a web site for my martial arts school. I’ve been playing around with some new CSS tricks. Mainly the use of margins to avoid floats, and menu bar highlights to show the current page.

Meanwhile, my savings account has built up, and I’m resolved to pursue getting a harp. There will still be some work figuring out details, and then there is finding a teacher somewhere.


  1. mandydax says:

    Yay, J-Love! It’s been a while.

    A harp, huh? I’ve always been fascinated with them, but like most musical pursuits, I’m relegated to listening. Very few people play the harp, so it’s probably going to be hard to find a teacher. Good luck.

    I must say you have infinitely more patience working around old computer issues than I. I finally said screw it and got this lovely new laptop. :D

    As far as the plants go, like musical instruments, I can’t seem to make them work myself. You’re so awesome with your multi-talent-itude!

  2. admin says:

    Don’t give me too much credit; the basil certainly isn’t appreciating my care. As for the pothos, I specifically asked fro something I couldn’t kill if I tried. :^)

    I’ve got plenty if you want one.

  3. mandydax says:

    I could kill kudzu without trying.