Picking up

About a week ago I decided I should revisit my desire to do some thinking on a regular basis; the short burst of entries was the result. This was briefly interrupted by traveling out to Iowa for Mary’s New Year’s party. It was rather more seriously interrupted when I woke up in the wee hours of Sunday the 2nd with a vomiting illness.

At first I blamed some lunchmeat that was past it’s sell by date. Some doubt is cast on that theory by the fact that most of the other instructors in the martial arts school were sick as well. I don’t think it was the same illness though – from what I hear they all had it longer and harder than I did. Myself I was only throwing up for about six hours, leaving out one incident Sunday night that I’m certain was brought on by trying to drink something more substantial than water too soon. After laying down all of Sunday and doing tolerable well Sunday night, I was mostly functional Monday and improved from there, working my up the food scale from water to my normal diet as the week progressed.

The delay since then has been more a matter of general disruption and laziness than illness. Being slightly impaired from lost sleep, I also started trying to work my way through Perfect Dark (a video game) again, which has been a distraction all it’s own.

Perfect Dark is a first person shooter. Plot wise it started out reminding me of Deus Ex – special agents in a future world of conspiracies – and is now reminding me more of Half Life – aliens invading earth. It is a level based trial-and-error game. Currently I’m at a high level where the number of possible errors in one level is causing a lot of trials ;^) With those errors tending to cluster at the end of sequence which is repeated over and over, it can be a bit discouraging.

An interesting thought I had is that this is not fundamentally different than DDR. You have a level or a song, which you perform and either pass or fail, perhaps receiving some other grades. The difference is the top level structure. A song in DDR takes only a couple of minutes to play, and regardless of performance you can move on to something else when you are finished. Levels in Perfect Dark may take quite a while to play, and you can’t advance unless you succeed. This isn’t strictly true of course – Perfect Dark is structured more like DDR than many level based games – you can go back and play any previous mission at any time and each has three difficulty levels. To some extent I may just be viewing the game from the wrong paradigm. Still, in a plot structured game I don’t find going back to retread old ground very compelling


  1. flower76 says:

    Oh no!

    I hope I wasn’t the one to get you sick! I woke up with the horrible illness ~5am on Sunday morning. Luckily, work was canceled on Monday for snow, so I had time to recover.

    It was terrible!

  2. admin says:

    If someone else in iowa was sick than there is a fair bet that some sort of bug was going around. However, given that I got started about two hours earlier, it is debateable who got who.