Or, digging up overgrown Baobaos.

A few years, ago, someone dropped a fork in my garbage disposer. I’ll grant him that one doesn’t usually expect forks to fall apart, but even with sturdier forks slippage is always possible, so I’ve never considered doing much of anything near a running disposer terribly wise.

Anyway, the result was the disposer banged and vibrated a lot more than it used, even after we got the fork out. I did some asking about repair services a while ago, but the end result was that the disposer sat unused for a few years.

Finally, Saturday, I just pulled it out and started poking around. Essentially it had been for several years an environment that was moist, but never really had any significant water flow. So thinks stunk a little. Mostly it was the trap just below the disposer, but the disposer itself had some fairly icky grime on it. After getting it wiped off a bit, and dried out a little on Sunday, I’m pretty the turntable and grinder are severely rusted and falling apart. They are also pretty solidly attached to other parts, which may make replacing just those part difficult.

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