What the Bleep

Mission successful. I headed into Chicago for the early show, in a calculated attempt to avoid any possible sell outs (which I found out later have actually occurred at some of the evening showings) (Side note: on the way there I saw a cemetery with the sign: “Drive safely. We can wait.”)

Other than a tendency to exit the tram stations going the wrong way (usually corrected by the sears tower after walking a bit – titanic landmark navigation doesn’t come naturally to suburban midwest natives) I arrived at the theater just in time to sit and wait through the previews.

I got, pretty much, what I expected. A tour-de-force of quantum spirituality, with the latest science and spiritual perspectives presented in a format for the short attention span generation.

Was the film right? Insightful? It is easily argued (for instance from the fact that I saw it at all) that I was already pre-disposed to agree with most of the information presented. What you think of the movie, from my report, depends a lot on what you think of me. I consider myself to superficially informed on most topics to offer any authority on them.

I wrote out a basic subject list, in part for myself, to try and figure out what the big picture was. It might be considered a spoiler; for a typical hollywood movie a list this long would be pretty much the whole show. In this case it is just the topic list for a pretty deep conversation, and it is the conversation itself that is interesting.

-Paradigms – there is a lot we take for granted.
-The mind cannot distinguish between events and memories
-Do we see with the eyes or the mind?
-We create our reality.
-Quantum uncertainty
-Multiple realities
-There is no matter.
-Power of intention
-Pre-creation of the day
-We are god.
-Religion damages god by making him ‘other’
-Dr. Emoto – words influence water; what do they do us?
-Neurons are being remapped all the time, associating and disassociating concepts
-Mere thought affects the body.
-Peptides are driven by the brain.
-Peptides direct cells (dancing personified cells)
-This creates emotion
-Colors all perception (horny teenager-o-vision)
-Sub conscious creation of situations that create feelings; addiction (choreographed dancing with IV bags)
-Wear and tear on cells by peptide bombardment – aging
-Who is the observer?


  1. mandydax says:

    I really would like you see this. It looked so fascinating from the preview. It probably won’t get shown anywhere around here. Though, one never can tell; IC is a wannabe arsty-fartsy town and full of free-thinking, highly-educated, unemployed people (oh, that’s me :-) ).

  2. admin says:

    Well, I guess when I think about it, Chicago probably is about 6 hours away. I spent the better part of a day traveling or watching, but that might be a bit much for a movie ;^)