I’ve been ignoring this thing for a while. I haven’t been in a writing mood in general.

The martial arts test was a few weeks ago. I’m officially 2nd dan black belt now. Beyond that, my instructor has wanted to get people certified as instructors, so now i’ve got an instructor’s license and a stamp with my name in Korean. (The stamps got mixed up at the banquet; fortunately the english names were written on the bottom of the box, so I noticed the problem. I investigated the stamp itself to verify though, and the Hangul script is actually pretty nifty.) In addition to that, I got a merit promotion in Taekwondo because I’ve been helping manage the little kids in those classes. All this involves two more certificates, one of them large (~10×13). In my house there is a little section of wall where several years ago I found a place to put the martial arts certificates. Since then it has been slowly added to and rearranged, until today it makes for a slightly frightening display.


  1. anach says:


    speaking of which, I just tested for 1st dan in Tae Kwon Do back in June…

  2. Re: Congratulations!

    TOTALLY sweet.

    Post a picture, Justin!

    Congratulations to both of you!

  3. admin says:

    Re: Congratulations!

    Well, there a BAD picture, from before that time, at the school web page.

    Going there, I also discovered a link to the photographer at the banquet, who has all the pictures posted. (Most of mine are in the last 3rd or so.)