Closet musical intelligence (and other mad theories)

Recently, I ran across the the list of different intelligence types (visual, interpersonal, etc.) From my priority setting exercise, I had also been thinking about “follow your bliss” This raises the question, “What do I spend the most time thinking about?” Well, most of the time I can’t think right because I’ve got some music on infinite repeat in my head. Could I have been repressing a musical intelligence all my life? You’d think it would have found expression somewhere, and I’m downright silent as a general rule.

Still, crazy theories like this encourage poorly supported revisionist history:

-Is it significant that during the happiest times of my life, I always had music playing?
-Is it significant that my period of greatest academic achievement was also when my parents started getting into country/western dancing, and consequently music?

One Comment

  1. harpie says:

    I always have a song in my head. Always. Every second of the day, even when I’m asleep. This is why I sometimes think of my life as a movie, with a neverending soundtrack. It’s genetic. My uncle was a rock and roll musician, my mom played the guitar and sang, my grandfather played in a brass band, my father played the guitar and sang, my grandmother always sang to me…. so it’s only natural that I’ve always liked music.