So many things

So many things, have ur-gen-cy.
So many things, are crying for mercy.
So many things, are desperately needed.

I came on here the other night with something like that in my head. I was thinking of all the solicitations from charities I’ve been getting lately, and all of the causes that called them into existence.

But I stopped to check in on some of the less frequent posters to my friends list, and discovered a personal crisis that just seemed to reinforce the sentiment.

I think I’ve been a little down recently anyway; perhaps it was an oncoming sore throat. I may have felt it slightly the last few days, but Friday I was a little out of it; that got better as the day wore on, but sore throat and cough also reached that point where I had to acknowledge them.

I had been planing to go on a trip for martial arts this weekend, but decided that spreading a virus around Iowa wouldn’t really help anything; ;^)

I have been feeling a little bet better, and it seems almost hard to feel down on a nice sunny day. I’m somewhat torn between going out to enjoy the weather, or taking rest in light of my illness.

Meanwhile, finally executing an idea I had some time ago, I’ve started keeping a food diary. Between all the talk about carbohydrates, diary, and wheat, I’ve been curious if any of these things really have an effect.

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