Onset of adulthood?

Going on two weeks ago, there was a meeting of the condo association. There was a bit of excitement about a road expansion that would be cutting into the property – within 10 feet of one building. Big long discussion about that :^)

Officially, it was an attempted meeting since we didn’t have a quorum, even with the proxies they are always begging people to fill out. Probably the most people I’d ever seen at a meeting was the first won I attended, nearly five years ago. After that followed a long pause as meetings conflicted with martial arts class. A little while ago I decided that the less frequent meetings took precedence over the weekly classes. I considered that the apathy level was pretty high, and once I’d seen how things worked for a year or two I might consider more involvement.

Well, the other big issue at that meeting was that very apathy. There was only one of five board members present (to be fair, the president was called into military service) The meeting was another in a long string of failures to have an official meeting. All the management company director could tell us was that issues should be handled by the board – which by and large wasn’t present. (Sort of like one of the collage social groups – there weren’t enough members left to hold a meeting to disband the group) I don’t think we’ll be disbanding the condos, but the official channels are broken, and you have to go through the official channels to fix the official channels ;^)

Anyway, some of the people from the meeting gathered around and exchanged addresses – however small, the community spirit is growing. Meanwhile, I’ve submitted my name as a candidate for the board of directors. It wouldn’t be hard to find a more qualified person, but it has been hard to find candidates, and somebody has to do it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! You’re getting all responsible and such! I am impressed. Then again, I suppose it was inevitable after all since you were the first of us to get a job and buy a house, but not to buy a pet since some of us had them in college, but it’s kinda sad that the pets of people I knew in college are all gone now because Pieces only lived three years and Putz only 5 and now it’s been more than five years since I was in college and doesn’t that just blow your mind? I mean where did the time go?? But they’ve been good times and fun times and sad times and basically times in generaln – the way times always are, but still I wouldn’t give them up and this summer I’m finally throwing a party again; okay really it’s not a summer party since it’s going to be on memorial day weekend, but I didn’t think Crow would mind, since she’s in Lackland and can’t have friends in the barracks anyway, but we’ve got a guest room and access to a pool that is both pretty and clean and accommodating and I think you should come if you could make it and then we’d bounce your curls again, but that may be considered a childish game by one so all grown up and I don’t know but then again I don’t hear from you very much because I don’t write to you very often and I probably should have put this all in an email but I didn’t think of it until just now, but now I think I’ll try to write you again sometime, so in the meantimetakecareandhavefunandlivewellandknowyou’rebeingthoughtwellof. *whew*