Just so you know…

I’m not really reading LJ anymore. Going back a few pages every day was a bit much. I may check in on less frequent posters now and then, but it’s too much as a daily ritual.

Meanwhile, I’m searching for a spam filtering service that will still let me use webmail from work; I actually read most of my mail while eating lunch.

I’m not sure if this comes of it’s own, or was influenced by recent audio books.

In Walden, Henery David Thorough says that he avoid the news paper; the character of which is not too much different from a journal entry.

After that, was Fahrenheit 451, which posits an future that amplifies certain undesirable elements of the modern world. Most people sit like zombies in front of super wide screen TV’s watching meaningless program full of violence and glitz. Most books are banned, and burned – Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which book pages catch fire. The book posits the need for quite reflection on the big ideas frequently transmitted in books. It makes me wonder – how much of what I spend my time is part of the deluge of sensationalist media, and how much really matters?

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  1. Wondered. Best of luck to you.