All work and no play makes Justin a dull boy?

It occurred to me a few days ago that one of the differences in my current life, as opposed to the past, is that I haven’t actually been playing electronic games. Probably the last was Black & White or Sacrifice. The question being whether this has any effect on my general energy level and motivation.

Easy enough to test: trading in my old SNES with a bunch of games and accessorys got me essentially enough store credit for a Nintendo 64 and two games; I got three in total: Mario 64, and the two Zelda games. Both of these series have been good in the past, and I’ve been curious to try out some of Miamoto’s(sp?) slightly more recent work.

So far I’ve been playing Mario, lots of nice touches in there. None of the games still had manuals, but Mario has copious signs that tell you everything you need. You start out in a very nearly total safe zone – about the only way to hurt yourself would be to intentionally drown. That leads on to only one choice of starting world, with the game slowly unfolding into near total freedom. Of course freedom open us errors as well; I’m pretty sure I should have been able to hit the red-block switch by now, but the entrance has evaded me. So far, from a rough estimate of the number of stars in the game, I should be at least 3/4 of the way through the game.


  1. ex_stitched_788 says:

    i dont understand the 7+ or -2 rule either, on top of that, i have an increaingly annoying idiot psych teacher who wont tell me, yet expects me 2 no… >:(((

  2. admin says:

    What are you refereing to? A previous entry? (I thought I provided references) The wiki? Do you just need a rephrasing in my own words?