So it’s been a little while… ;^)

Reading (well, listening) as best I can recall (many are ‘the first thing that I recognized or looked interesting’):

How to Speak, How to Listen, by Mortimer J Adler – a work that explains, in part, a phenomena that I’ve become familiar with: there are differences between things made to be read and made to heard.

The Education of Little Tree – not certain if the story itself is old, or if that is just the setting. A boy raised down in the hollar, with cherokee heritage. Some interesting commentary on politics, religion, and even christmas.

The Children of Green Knowe – A very changling children’s story – chimera abound.

Little Women – Apparently written in two parts, with the first being somewhat entertaining (if a morality play), and the second sounding like a soap opera, except that things do conclude in the end. Emphasizes the protastant work ethic, and family loyalty.

Knowledge in a Nutshell – Trivia, in every sense. Occasionally interesting, but only usefull if you are preparing for a game show.

In Progress: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Nature of Order, Book 2, and a long term project: the republican and democratic party platforms.

I was sick a week ago; I turned up the heat and added a few layers to help the fever along, and have just had a lingering cough for the last week.

This didn’t interfere with christmas at all; I spent the day at my parents. My father mostly watched Trading Spaces, and my mother made a good hearted attempt to play the games I brought; I need more two player ones though. We also went out to see Elf, which was exactly the cookie-cutter hollywood trash I expected it to be.

I spent most of the holiday break working on games one in form or another. Mostly a new thrust at Harmony, which first involved printing issues. Realizing that 1. Postscript is an programming language, and 2. It has an arc command, I just gave up on all the other multiple-program multiple-file monkeying around I was doing and wrote my card factory directly in Postscript. With a days worth of effort, I can produce just about any combo of colored ring I want, and I can use Postscript to boot.

A lot of the rest of the weekend was spent examining the effects of the new multi-color cards. Plugging them directly into the last ruleset, I find that I’ve largely solved the spacial complexity, but introduced a lesser, but more infuriating, kind of temporal complexity. This led to the search for more appropriate new rulesets, which have multiplied upon themselves and left me wondering if I wouldn’t be better off publishing basic disks and a various rules, a la Icehouse (which has being supplying pieces for a large group of variants.)

Eventually I needed a break from this (I still see colored rings when i close my eyes) and made an initial sorting of the medications for Pop’n Pills. This was followed by attempts to lay out a new card template in LaTeX, since I would need some paragraph wrapping. A pursuit given up several hours later in the face of roundabout methods and inconsistent syntax – Primarily argument passing, which variously uses {}, [], (), and comma to distinguish parameters, (and often using all of the above in a single invocation.) I’ll take Postscript, thanks, which is actually pleasant to work with, though I’ll have to find some way to pull formatted paragraphs out of LaTeX.


  1. Yay, you’re alive! =D *does a happy dance*

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    Well, I was putting up little things, they just weren’t about me ;^)