New Toy

A week ago I was typing in information from The Pill Book and I thought “What I really need is to have the book hovering over my keyboard so I don’t have to strain my neck to look at it.” I cursory search of the local Office Max wasn’t encouraging, but I did walk away with a basic copy stand to at last get the book upright and hold the pages open, if a bit awkwardly.

A simple internet search for ‘book stand’ turned up just was I was looking for. (warning: page is informative but large. I also noticed that they doctored the photographs – you wouldn’t be able to see the backs of the books on a real device) It actually does a lot more than I had gone looking for (and is priced accordingly) – for instance, you can strap the book in and read laying bed, with the book hovering over you. I was relieved, when it arrived, to find that there is a ledge so that as long as you aren’t turning your book upside down, you can just set it down and let the page holders take care of it. And I probably will find other uses for it – I have on occasion found reading in bed or chairs to be awkward.

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