Some Advice?

Mounting evidence having finally broken the back of doubt, I am fairly certain that a friend has taken a liking to me. Meanwhile, my heart isn’t doing any somersaults. Much as I like to leave possibilities open, distance is involved, so the prospect of change is fairly minimal.


  1. flower76 says:

    More info!

    You left an awful lot out about the situation! Do you like the friend? I wasn’t sure if your non-sommersaulting was just because of the distance, or are you not romantically interested in them? If distance is the only issue, are you willing to really try and work at it? While I myself have never successfully pursued an LDR, I do know that others have excelled at them. It’s all about how much the chance at a relationship with this person is worth to you…

    Good luck!

  2. I’d say leave it alone. If it’s at a distance, they may decide it’s pointless to say anything, and it will fade away, and no fuss or trauma needs to be made.

    Unless she brings it up, let her have that wistful “Maybe it could work” in the back of her head to brighten her day.

  3. admin says:

    Re: More info!

    Lack of anything special is pretty much it. I like and respect the person, but I’ve no special attraction to her. Without the distance factor I’d be quite open to trying things out, but I hear long distance is hard even when you have mutual attraction, and my one experience with it certainly fell apart.

  4. flower76 says:

    Re: More info!

    OK… then I change my answer from “talk to her” to “wait and see”. :)

  5. neaterbie says:

    Well, I would have to agree that the distance thing might be a problem. But it could be better than you think. There’s always the phone and chatting. And weekend trips are nice too. You could always choose a place to meet for a day or two. I know it might be hard, but it might be worth it too. I would say that you should at least talk about it with her. There’s no harm in getting things out in the open. Good luck with whatever you decide!