Food and games

-Hummus is good. I wish I’d tried it sooner.
-Soy milk isn’t so great for drinking. But it’s pretty good on cereal.
-I’m set up with a buying club. The first order is due shortly. I’m avoiding anything that needs refrigeration on the first time out, especially since the final date is still somewhat in question. It seems likely my stuff would have to sit around all day. But I’m set up for the future: a few days after discovering this, fortune handed me a large cooler. One of my neighbors apparently left some hot dogs in their deluxe cooler to long and didn’t want to deal with cleaning it up. To be fair it did smell like, well, poo, but I’m still amazed that they threw away the whole cooler, and the 24 pack of beer that was inside. Oh well, down the drain with it; outside of my normal disinterest, I’m not sure I’d trust any food that was in there. The smell certainly doesn’t wash off. The cooler itself has been airing for a while and has stopped stinking :-)

Meanwhile the return to the ‘normal’ schedule has left me feeling ineffective again. It always seems better when I look at what I did do: last weekend I was out of town again, this weekend I helped someone move and installed a water filter (Seems to be leaking a little, have to contact them about that.) Also did first order at above buying club (online) Meanwhile I completed only one self-test of the election game, and some other pondering about it. Somewhat promising; the first self-test survived several turns before a breakdown on law making stopped it. The second got all the way to the end with a few pauses – selling mechanics and some card modification to finish out deal honoring/dishonoring – and a few unthematic results: not only where there no disinterested voters left, pretty much everybody ended up an activist ;^)

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