Burning Bridges?

I set two mailing list to no-mail; I’m still a member of the group, to avoid any new member stuff if I ever change my mind, but I wasn’t really all that interested in the messages these days. The victims are piecepack, which sometimes turned up some interesting game design material but generally bored me, and Everway-L. I’ve been on the Everway list for probably like five years, but I haven’t played Everway in ages, and I’ve been losing interest in role playing in general. The net result is that pretty nothing on the list interests me anymore.

Of the remaining ones that produce noticeable traffic, BoardGameDesign still has a high enough signal to noise ratio (but there is a lot of noise) and CnGAlums is starting to look noisy to me, but I’m still afraid of missing something.

When I made a list of ongoing things, there was a lot of stuff, most of it not getting done – for instance I’m desperately in need of new shoes, which has started trickling over to create sock shortage. Of course my standards have been changing such that no ordinary items will do – get me some organically grown cotton and responsibly made materials, and make sure it fits too. Should I give up? I only need to worry about shoes every couple of years – whenever time gets tight, it’s the day to day things that come under scrutiny. Should I stop using e-mail (two lists just got axed) Leave LiveJournal? (but I’d be out of touch) Quit martial arts? (But I really should get some exercise) Stop Thursday night gaming? (How can I aspire to game design if I don’t play games?) Eat fast food? (If you haven’t got your health you haven’t got anything) Then there is the biggest time sink: paid employment (I need shelter. I need food.) Perhaps I should I should set out doing my own games or programs (But there is that 800/mo mortgage payment, which makes for an awfully imminent deadline.)

No real bridges smoking yet. Still, sometimes I wonder if I should can the nice guy act and set out to change the world.

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