In The Meantime

Back during the Ludum Dare preparation, I tried to have something to go on for all the candidate themes. One of them was ‘mouse movement,’ which wasn’t chosen. My mind lept to kind of a cheesy theme – Spacemouse – but I still had something of an itch to program, so I took up pygame again.

Being as I started late in a weekend and mostly just worked in the mornings during the next week, I probably could have gotten something done in 48 hours. Though, another week later it isn’t done ;^) The scrolling has gotten better, but still needs work, it needs some challenge variety and better pacing, and, while I have some crude voice calls, there are still no graphics ;^)

Sound has been it’s own little adventure. I spent a while going through all the sound editors in Debian trying to find something, then, just for the voice recording. While I still need to work on the sound mastering a little, now I need some way to get other sound effects. Glame looks like it might be capable, but I’m kind of at a loss with sound, so there is a bit of pause while I look for a good resource on how to get various effects.

In other news, I’ve also biked down the waterfall a few times. Last week it was nice and I had my sandals on, so I went wandering down the stream, collecting garbage. With all the stuff washed down by the rain, I ran out of bag long before I ran out of garbage. Both then, and later, I never got down to the waterfall shortly after any of the big rains; after all, I’d already seen it at it’s full roar glory, right? I went back down a few days later, after another rain had come and gone, and found the stream bed reshapen; the main run had been carved out a bit and island raised up to one side. A touch upstream, there were some rocks that had been rearranged last year into a sort of dam; the last of those were washed away; up until recently you could still walk across the stream without getting wet at that place.

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