Shopping Spree

Went down to Games Plus to check on my auction sales. Everything sold, (in some cases to my surprise) netting $78.75 in store credit. That was applied to Tigris & Euphrates, which I’ve heard of repeatedly but never played, and Theophrastus, a slick little alchemical card game that I saw while at Protospiel last year.

While I was there I also picked up some other things I had been meaning too; all four expansion sets for Apples to Apples, and all three other sets of Mystik Domination. The major arcana in Mystik appear to be all the same, which is a little disappointing, but the companion series has some rather silly cards. You can now command a “Killer Bunny,” “Tabby Cat,” or give one of you minions “My Dolly.” “Syndicate Fundraiser” also amuses me for some reason; the idea of a super secret organization holding an event I guess. ;^) And there is the “Ides of March” – please notice the date on which I first saw this card.

Otherwise pretty leisurely. I booted back to windows to download my e-mail so NaughtyPets in on hold for a little bit. But I needed to get some work done on one of my paper games anyway. I should have a fourth draft in hand some time tomorrow.

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