Thursday at the game club I found out about a game auction going on next weekend at Games Plus. Since I had already separated out a stack of games that I’d sort of like to find new homes for, this seemed like a good opportunity.

So I grabbed my stack, and a few other things that I took consideration for, and headed out early Saturday morning, after a little research at their web page Friday night. (For instance, I had been thinking that the auction itself was this Saturday; in fact it was just a good time to get things in beforehand.)

Pricing things was tricky; generally I priced to sell and figured that the auction would take of anything with actual demand. Fortunately, the person who had told me about the auction showed up shortly after I did to list his own games, and gave me a better guideline (10% original price) He had frightful number of games to sell, himself, mostly hold historicals, from the looks of it.

A partial reporting of the unwanted:

I ended up with 24 items, one of which was a bundle of my three Changeling books (If I every do anything with farie, it won’t be White Wolf’s bizarre take on it.) For RPGs I also grabbed Nobilis, which despite having every reason to attract me, just didn’t come together for me. A similar game was Choosen, except it was even less interesting to me.

Let’s see, the ‘large’ item was Cults Across America; last two times we tried to play, it was pulled out and partially set up, and then put away. Also Spammers, which is funny, but I only played it once and hated the endgame. Who Stole Ed’s Pants had some really nifty witness mechanics, but really wasn’t fun for me. I got The Three Stooges thinking it was pretty much like Lunch Money, but it’s amazing how a few rules make a big difference, and I didn’t care to try and fix it. Also finally dumped Dragon War, a random-board board game put out by an art group with barely half a clue about game design.

The rest was mostly all the old CCGs I bought when they were new, before I figured out how many there were going to be, and how low of quality they tended to be. ;^)

I had a brief look around Games Plus (not a thorough one, since I may have some store credit after the auction) I wish I’d known about this place earlier; I saw countless games that I’d never seen in a game store before, and some that I’d never seen at GenCon before (granted, I never went searching through the vendor booths with piles of ‘stuff’) It looks like they try to stock just about one of everything. At 45 minutes away, it wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s nice to know that it is there. They also to seem to have regular open gaming tables, but once again, there is the 45 minute thing.

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