Lost and Found

Lost some hope. Had to break up with my girlfriend Thursday night. Or maybe it was Friday morning; even after clearly seeing that I’d been putting it off for too long, I still couldn’t broach the subject the until the last possible minute. No fights or fireworks, there just wasn’t really any romance there. About the only thing I found was a degree of certainty that she agreed with me. Presently looks like we will be able to revert back to substantially the same friendship we had before.

Going to lose the Saturday night gaming group. Something else I’ve been putting off for a long time. I don’t really get into roleplaying any more, and we usually meet an hour (or more) away. Would have done it sooner, but then there seemed to be hope that aforementioned girlfriend would come out to join us. Currently delaying again so as not to leave in the middle of a game. Appears to be a small rewrite of Stargate, with psychics (GURPS) But we haven’t fully activated the gate yet, so I’m not sure how divergent it is.

Going to have to lose some habits, as the martial arts class is going to shift the schedules around. The good news is that I will get out earlier, the bad is that getting dinner before I have to be there could be more interesting. Put together with Saturday, I might be able to find a good night’s sleep and not lay there uselessly when I wake up.

Losing Castalia at NationStates. Even though it’s only a quick daily update, the issues have started repeating and I’m getting bored.

Lost another weekend. I was actually at home for most of it, but it was all catching up. Groceries, laundry, watch battery, a bunch of reading I’ve been getting behind on. But I don’t really feel like I’ve made anything (despite some granola chunks (they not quite bars, but they are tasty) and muffins (passable, but not so tasty))

My continuing experimentation in juice has, however, found that prune juice deserves it’s reputation. It tastes like liquid molasses; ick.


  1. *hugs* I repeat. It wasn’t just you. And you weren’t the only person who’d been putting The Talk off for way too long. We should have done something a while ago. We’ll survive, we’ll be friends, and you’ll find someone else!

    (I’m going to adopt a turtle.)

  2. admin says:

    I don’t THINK I denied any of that… then again, I’ve been known to miss meaning in my own words.

    A real turtle, or a neopet? ;^)