Miscellaneous Other Weirdness.

I spent the rest of Sunday reading esotericbeccums’s journal, and following a few links from there. Mostly new age stuff, like Kryon, Indigo Children, and an Aura Test:

red: 2
orange: 3
magneta: 2
yellow: 5
logical tan: 10
environmental tan: 8
sensitive tan: 8
abstract tan: 5
green: 3
blue: 3
violet: 2
lavender: 3
indigo: 1
crystal: 8

As you can probably tell, one of the things I’ve always liked about Becky is her open minded quest for spirituality. Not so sure about the aura thing though. I’ve been told I’m blue, (which would make sense as it is my favorite color) but the test disagrees. The one scary thing about it is that all the questions are about personality traits and the like, but blue has something about cold fingers and toes, which is most certainly true – If they make gloves and socks that keep me warm, I’m haven’t found them yet.

Also briefly checked out the web site for Yes! Magazine, who sent me a card offering a trial issue. Still not completely sure about that one, but it might be worth trying the free issue.

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