Wiki Moved

Some of my comments about’s required login got noticed. Judging from a profusion of failed edits, the logins were stopping several people from contributing.

A week or two ago I got an offer from Ron Hale-Evans to host the wiki at his web site. He already hosts a wiki for the Seattle Cosmic Games Night, and was looking to develop synergy with his development of patterns of glass bead games.

I’ve seen Ron’s name several times browsing about game design resources as I am wont to do. So, basically this is pretty cool. And not only did he offer up server space, but he single handedly did a copy and edit on every single page while I was either sleeping or at work.

The wiki he runs, MoinMoin, doesn’t require the logins, doesn’t make links to uncreated pages quite so obtrusive, and has a few toys like doing in-page lists of other pages that mention it. On the other hand, it has some much more verbose markup langauge, so entering text is little more cumbersome. Give and take, I guess.

p.s. Does anybody want an AMD Athlon processor, ~700mhz? Somebody’s motherboard died, and they were giving the processor away, but it requires a special AMD “slot A”, which I don’t happen to have.

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