Your Money or Your Life

I checked out Your Money or Your Life from the library. It seemed to be the main focus of, which I mentioned earlier.

Even if you don’t intend to follow the program to “Financial Independence,” there are still some interesting arguments that we’ve been working longer and harder for money that we mostly throw away on expendables and toys. In brief, the program promotes disciplined audit of what you have, what you are earning, and where it is going. An interesting part of the audit is questioning whether expenditures are actually, honestly, fulfilling and in line with your values. In principal this auditing leads to a positive gap between income and expenditures, which becomes savings, which becomes capital. The ultimate goal of financial independence is when you can live off the interest; at that point you don’t have to continue with paid employment, and are free to pursue whatever you like: some quiet time, following up on dreams, or volunteering your skills to a worthy cause.

An overview of all nine steps is available online (link is to start of book overview; hit continue a few times to get to the step summaries.)

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