Web page update complete

The templates I set up earlier made changing color schemes and navigation a bit easier. I also did a more thorough update of the links page and added a link to the online bookmarks.

Unfortunately, that is still the only new content.

Here is the link again.

I must have done something wrong, but I’m not sure what. This was supposed to be a few days out of the nearly two weeks of extended winter break from my paid employment, but I’ve barely managed to get just a basic makeover. Nevermind new sections about projects in the works. Nevermind starting said projects in full force. I’ve squandered large portions of the biggest break I’ve seen in years.

Not all of it of course. There was last weekend, and today I got some replacement jeans; the last ones I bought were cheap and fell apart in a year or two, (wrangler, by the way, from what I can tell from the tattered labels) despite my older ones, to the best of my recollection, being in continuous service at least since college. (Levi, by the way) The knees are starting to wear through, but they are otherwise sound.

I kind of squandered four years a lot of money at college too. Sure, I meet a bunch of people and got almost social (since faded) by the end of it, but no I’m in the process of going back over a lot my textbooks to relearn what I was supposed to have learned. Kind of a pitty I only got ambition after leaving that environment. But then again, maybe such learning ambition is impractical in such a rigid environment. Still, doesn’t seem like it could be much worse than a steady job, and I actually felt like I had more free time in college.

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