The weekend

It was kind of a big weekend. Saturday utsuri came out, and we went over to a friend’s place for the board game Civilization. The comments I’ve heard about it being similar to Age of Renaissance were not unfounded (it was pretty much described as a difference between pieces moving around or not.) It was a generally very pacifist game (if you discount disasters, which pretty much get forced on you) although perhaps war should be have been considered more heavily since we ended up forfeiting the game, when people got tired and it was obvious who would win.

It wasn’t formally time for the regular game of Werewolf yet, so we played a game of Industrial Waste, during which I discovered yet another new and fascinating way to lose ;^)

The Werewolf game itself included lots of joking around, and running the gauntlet down a wyrmhole. As usual our alpha with the personal totem spirit solved most of the problems, but I guess throwing the giant slug over the cliff was a group effort ;^) Still, it was fun and I stayed a little later than usual. Both me and Jenn ended up very tired for it, however.

Sunday we went and saw The Two Towers. My reaction was about the same as the first: about what I expected from hollywood. Ents were kind of cool, but they re-wrote pretty much the second half, including the removal (presumably delayed until the third movie) of almost everything actually dealing with the two towers… leaving it a little mis-named ;^)

After that we had dinner at Salerno’s, a nice italian restaurant, and just managed to squeeze in the remainder of Lilo and Stitch before Jenn headed home. (She got several people hooked on L&S by showing the first part during the dinner break at the Werewolf game.)

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