Which came first, the friction or the milk?

The interesting conversations you get playing Apples to Apples… ;^)

Went over my parents place for Christmas breakfast, dinner, and desert. They invited a few of their friends from dancing and/or motorcycle riding as well.

After dinner (and then sitting round watching the Trading Spaces marathon) we did in fact play Apples To Apples. A little odd though; my father kept judging in favor of things like handcuffs and chains, but wasn’t involved when whips passed through. He also won two games, and Love family overall took every game. I hope it didn’t look fixed ;^)

I figured something to that effect may be called for, after last year’s rousing game of Pictionary. ;^) We did get all the way through the red cards and I suspect most of the way through the greens, so I suppose I have a reason to get expansions now…

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