Minority Report

I am no longer in the minority (at least among people I know) that have no DVDs (never really was if you count the music video sampler that came with my computer) Still in the minority that have never purposefully bought one ;^)

Local gaming group did a random gift exchange last night. Kind of a horrible commercial corruption of the whole ‘gift’ thing, really. Anyway, I ended up with a Minority Report DVD. (Plus a garbage bag and lifetime supply of paper towels as wrapping.) In theory I can play it on my computer, but I don’t know when I ever will; having a small screen instead of large doesn’t make me any more willing to watch movies by myself.

Not that I’ve been making fabulous use of my time. Mostly I’ve been getting sucked int reading academic programming papers. All of the sound relevant to a project I want to get going, but it seems like I’m spending all my reading. Today I joined the ACM (an expensive proposition) for access to their online library, (an equally expensive proposition) which it looks like I’m quite likely to making frequent use of as I track down previous work. Meanwhile, the web page revision is only plodding forward in spare moments.

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