About a week ago…

Saturday the 14th was a work day, in a kind of exchange for everything between the 20th and 2nd. The previous day the boss had mentioned that one of my previous games, Dino Dash had been doing pretty well for making money, and we could consider doing something similar. Saturday I brought the rest of programming team (up to a whopping three, up from just me at the beginning of the year) to make the call for game concepts. It was a nice feel-good meeting. Along with it went a few technology demos of stuff that I developed during a stagnant year, but never used.

Sunday was birthday breakfast with my parents. They gave me some bamboo stalks in water, in a fancy looking vase. A sign declared the stalk arrangement “Love Sign,” because we are the Love family, ha ha. It also had instructions which, quite separately, said to change the water every two weeks, and to add two drops of some green stuff every other week. Couldn’t they have made that one step? ;^)

Still, two weeks is kind of annoying to remember. But a lot of things seem to have that frequency, (namely, paycheck and changing my (disposable) contacts) so I decided to line them all up and mark down two week intervals on my calendar.


  1. *looks blank* You had a birthday? Dammit. I’m sorry, dear. I’m so bad at birthdays….if it’s any consolation, I forgot mine this year, too?

  2. admin says:

    “Forgot” your own birthday? I had the impression it was more like “hid” ;^)

  3. *grins* No, no, I seriously forgot. Didn’t even think of it until El came back and was all “You didn’t say it was your birthday!”