I Think I Have a Cooking Problem.

About 1:00pm I tore myself away from patternlanguage.com to eat lunch. About 7-8pm I returned to the computer.

Lunch was actually leftovers, and I spent some time finishing up the chapter of Notes On the Synthesis of Form that I was in. Then I decided to make another cookie experiment, since the cause of some undesirable qualities in the last few tries has been causing a rather annoying bit of curiosity. This batch turned out quite well, although the dough was a little crumbly and hard to work with. But first, I red some of the statistics book, and then did dishes since I was going to be making some more. Got some more reading done while baking cookies. Did more dishes.

The stuff that I had for lunch was the last of that set of leftovers. So time to make something else. That, plus dwindling supplies of fruit, necessitated a quick trip to grocery store. Then I get dinner started, since it will have to cook for a while. More cooking, more reading. Eating, finishing chapter, more dishes.

I have two meals, cookies on the counter, leftovers in the fridge, and no dishes in the sink. Still, the reading progress seems like poor consolation for six hours of prime weekend. ;^)

(I had been hoping to re-build my web page. Maybe the christmas break?)

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