“Postage is 37 cents.”

or so proclaims my returned mail. It used to be that they would at least wait a few years between rate raises, so people had a chance to find out. Now they just write on your mail. I suppose they will be taking after gas stations next:

Postcard: 0.23 (9/10)
Letter: 0.37 (9/10)
Priority: 3.85 (9/10)


  1. You didn’t know about this? *looks at you funny* The rate change went into effect July 1st, and they’ve been hawking it for months and months. It’s been on radio, tv, newspaper, and internet mailing list ads, and on the billboard signs plastered to the sides of mail trucks.

  2. kyrielle says:

    I never heard about it either. I don’t watch TV, my radio station didn’t mention it, I saw no mailboxes, received no mailing, and saw nothing on the internet news sites I read.

    Fortunately, a week and a half before it hit, we had to buy stamps. Scott found out then, and got the new stamps.

  3. admin says:

    Unfortunately, I noticed I was running low on stamps about a week _after_. I guess it means that I won’t need an EXTRA trip to the post office to get the make-up stamps…. *grumble*.