I’ve never made such a big deal about money. If I did, I’d probably have hopped jobs a few years ago when tech was hot, and started playing the stock market with any spare cash. I like to say ‘all my bills are paid’. Sure there is a mortgage, a car loan, and one trailing student loan that owes it’s continued existence to a relatively low interest rate. But I do have the townhouse, and the car. I have 401k, and a separate savings account that won’t have huge penalties if I need to take some money from it. I have no credit card debt.

I have a 30% raise?

I suppose I can’t complain. Still, it seems very odd. It already seemed like I was living a kind of blessed existence, financially. But this looks to take me from ‘all the bills are paid and I’m saving some money’ to ‘all the bills are paid, I’m saving money, and smiting the loans mightily.’

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  1. kyrielle says:

    SWEET! Congratulations!