Random Update

I went down to the waterfall this morning. I didn’t stay very long because it was raining (it wasn’t when left the house.) It had in general been raining for a while, however, so the stream was pretty full. I missed the peek though; there was definite evidence that it had earlier overflowed what I had considered firmly part of it’s bank. There was lots of green too; I hadn’t been down since the bloom. Previously bare parts of ground were waist high in plants with tiny white flowers. It’s amazing to think they grew so much in only a few weeks.

My parents came over for dinner. Consequently, I spent most of the day cleaning. It was getting time to do it anyway, company just forced the issue ;^)

Oh, and Pi didn’t get mentioned in the contest preview issue of Abstract Games Magazine. The upside is that last year Cross did make the preview, and didn’t win ;^)

One Comment

  1. I’m going to snap and run away gibbering, so you won’t ever see me again. Sorry bout that.

    God, I can’t DO this!!!!

    I hate moving.