Well, with this starting out the second year that I haven’t had the grill (affectionately known as bird’s nest) sitting on my deck, the birds seem to have given up and built a nest under the deck. The deck is over the front door, so I have a pretty good view of it (though not inside of it) from the window next to the door. (Which reminds me, I can probably put the screen back in the door now.)

Meanwhile I took a bike ride down to the waterfall. I was hoping the construction was over, but they seem to have ripped up all the asphalt and left asphalt gravel. This makes the ride a bit bumpier, and a bit more dangerous since some spots are still pretty loose. So far I’ve only thought of one excuse for this: the path runs along a steep hill by the river, so some parts of the old asphalt were sagging a bit. They may be trying to let the asphalt gravel settle for a while before laying down something smoother. Hopefully I’ll remember to ask about when I’m down at the village hall paying my water bill.

There were some people down at the waterfall, watching their dogs play in the water. The dogs seemed to be having a grand old time of it, gleefully climbing UP the waterfall to get out of the stream valley, and making a spot near the top a bit muddier than usual. ;^)

Consequently I went garbage-collecting near the back, and sadly had no trouble filling up my plastic grocery sack until I had to stop. I haven’t had any trouble using the grocery sacks before, but I think the asphalt gravel was a BIT too much for it, and the sack finally gave up about a half-mile from home. :-o There wasn’t a whole lot else to do except get the stuff off of the sidewalk and go home. I had a drink of water (It was getting nice and hot :-) ) and came back with a sturdier bag. ;^)

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