This morning I realized something: I haven’t paid my monthly bills yet. Normally I do this about a week into a month.

Or, right about the time I was near the end of a three week crunch and flying out to a show in Las Vegas…

Now, most of my bills are on automatic payment, so they are just a matter of keeping accurate records. And the condo association is used to late bills – although that is probably why they have such a steep late fee. ;^)

The people running the car loan may have been less amused. They do conveniently list a late fee, so they are probably used to it as well – and the fee is less than I normally overpay by.

But everything should get there in time. The realization that bills had been skipped got me out of bed at a slightly more reasonable time, so I have time to do it this morning.

One Comment

  1. Oh, I hate it when I’ve done that.

    *quick mental checklist* Oh, good, I’ve paid them all.