Today was a nice day. I probably would have ridden my bike down to the waterfall, but I didn’t realize just how not-cold it was getting until I got out of my car nearby.

Other people agreed with me. There was a family preparing their bikes in the parking lot, and I saw lots of people walking during the day.

Then, while I was sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream, I heard a couple of distant clunks behind me. I thought it was something up on the road at first, but I looked behind me anyway – a stroller bumping over the wooden bridge perhaps. Not exactly – two riders on horses had paused on the bridge to enjoy the view. A few moments later I heard some more clunking behind me as they continued on.

I’ve never seen horses on the bike trails before, but perhaps I’ll pass a few this summer. I have seen other animals – beyond the dog walking, one day in the fall I saw (or heard) quite few squirrels bustling about, and surprised a deer grazing near the edge of the trail on the way back.

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