A few years ago I had an idea for a story. Not long after, I had an idea for another story, and decided to use the same protagonist, much later in life. A few months ago, I wrote the second story, first. ;^)

The first one finally crossed my mind enough to make me start writing it. Unfortunately, It’s being very difficult about the process, and demanding a rather more extensive prelude than I had expected. Unfortunately, It hasn’t been very forthcoming with details on said prelude. I’ve been stealing some one shot RPG NPCs that I made for a game that never ran. I’ve also been using vision cards to fill in the missing scenes and events – often times my inspiration goes as far as “and then he spends some time searching.”

So I’m spending some time writing this prelude. I haven’t even gotten near the stuff I’ve been itching to write – I’m writing the events that set up the events that set up the stuff I really what to write.

Oh, and did I mention that after three pages the protagonist still doesn’t have a name? ;^)

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