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December 31, 2002

Looks like I’ll be barely slipping the visual update in before the new year. It started with some tweaks in the CGD section, and then a few in the ‘red theme’ that got propagated to all of the writing section by templating. That caused a bit of a light/dark clash between the red and blue/green themes, so I changed everything to the light backdrop for consistency and readability.

I also formalized the backlinking in the navigation line at top. Most pages had the links already, but hopefully the relationship will be clearer now.

Also did a more thorough update of the links page, including a link to my new online bookmarks.

Web page update complete

The templates I set up earlier made changing color schemes and navigation a bit easier. I also did a more thorough update of the links page and added a link to the online bookmarks.

Unfortunately, that is still the only new content.

Here is the link again.

I must have done something wrong, but I’m not sure what. This was supposed to be a few days out of the nearly two weeks of extended winter break from my paid employment, but I’ve barely managed to get just a basic makeover. Nevermind new sections about projects in the works. Nevermind starting said projects in full force. I’ve squandered large portions of the biggest break I’ve seen in years.

Not all of it of course. There was last weekend, and today I got some replacement jeans; the last ones I bought were cheap and fell apart in a year or two, (wrangler, by the way, from what I can tell from the tattered labels) despite my older ones, to the best of my recollection, being in continuous service at least since college. (Levi, by the way) The knees are starting to wear through, but they are otherwise sound.

I kind of squandered four years a lot of money at college too. Sure, I meet a bunch of people and got almost social (since faded) by the end of it, but no I’m in the process of going back over a lot my textbooks to relearn what I was supposed to have learned. Kind of a pitty I only got ambition after leaving that environment. But then again, maybe such learning ambition is impractical in such a rigid environment. Still, doesn’t seem like it could be much worse than a steady job, and I actually felt like I had more free time in college.

Your Money or Your Life

I checked out Your Money or Your Life from the library. It seemed to be the main focus of, which I mentioned earlier.

Even if you don’t intend to follow the program to “Financial Independence,” there are still some interesting arguments that we’ve been working longer and harder for money that we mostly throw away on expendables and toys. In brief, the program promotes disciplined audit of what you have, what you are earning, and where it is going. An interesting part of the audit is questioning whether expenditures are actually, honestly, fulfilling and in line with your values. In principal this auditing leads to a positive gap between income and expenditures, which becomes savings, which becomes capital. The ultimate goal of financial independence is when you can live off the interest; at that point you don’t have to continue with paid employment, and are free to pursue whatever you like: some quiet time, following up on dreams, or volunteering your skills to a worthy cause.

An overview of all nine steps is available online (link is to start of book overview; hit continue a few times to get to the step summaries.)

A few things from today.

I think I’ve finally gotten all of my old bookmarks into myHq.

The having javascript on for the quick add function, however, was causing my old version of netscape some consternation (which was then causing windows on the whole some consternation.) So I figured that I could try getting Mozilla, the same browser as I have in Debian. Works fine so far, although it has the same problem as the newer version of Netscape that I tried, in that it does not handle the easy scroll on my trackball. I’d been getting somewhat used to that problem in Linux anyway…


NationStates seems to be cross-pollinating with LiveJournal. It has a general community (), as does my current region, . For an up to date list, check the nationstates interest.

NationStates also seem to be doing so well that the steadily climbing nation and region counts (nations was growing at something like a thousand a day) on the main page were scrapped in favor of a mcdonalds-esq “over 25000.”

The weekend

It was kind of a big weekend. Saturday utsuri came out, and we went over to a friend’s place for the board game Civilization. The comments I’ve heard about it being similar to Age of Renaissance were not unfounded (it was pretty much described as a difference between pieces moving around or not.) It was a generally very pacifist game (if you discount disasters, which pretty much get forced on you) although perhaps war should be have been considered more heavily since we ended up forfeiting the game, when people got tired and it was obvious who would win.

It wasn’t formally time for the regular game of Werewolf yet, so we played a game of Industrial Waste, during which I discovered yet another new and fascinating way to lose ;^)

The Werewolf game itself included lots of joking around, and running the gauntlet down a wyrmhole. As usual our alpha with the personal totem spirit solved most of the problems, but I guess throwing the giant slug over the cliff was a group effort ;^) Still, it was fun and I stayed a little later than usual. Both me and Jenn ended up very tired for it, however.

Sunday we went and saw The Two Towers. My reaction was about the same as the first: about what I expected from hollywood. Ents were kind of cool, but they re-wrote pretty much the second half, including the removal (presumably delayed until the third movie) of almost everything actually dealing with the two towers… leaving it a little mis-named ;^)

After that we had dinner at Salerno’s, a nice italian restaurant, and just managed to squeeze in the remainder of Lilo and Stitch before Jenn headed home. (She got several people hooked on L&S by showing the first part during the dinner break at the Werewolf game.)

Cool stuff

I had a slight problem. I’ve been web browsing in two operating systems. With two different web browsers on two different hard drives (to say nothing of stuff found at work…) So, figuring that a web site that kept links would be kind of cool, I set out to find out if anybody had done it already. Quite few people, in fact, had. After a brief period of researching, I settled on myHq

The beginnings of my links page.

Which came first, the friction or the milk?

The interesting conversations you get playing Apples to Apples… ;^)

Went over my parents place for Christmas breakfast, dinner, and desert. They invited a few of their friends from dancing and/or motorcycle riding as well.

After dinner (and then sitting round watching the Trading Spaces marathon) we did in fact play Apples To Apples. A little odd though; my father kept judging in favor of things like handcuffs and chains, but wasn’t involved when whips passed through. He also won two games, and Love family overall took every game. I hope it didn’t look fixed ;^)

I figured something to that effect may be called for, after last year’s rousing game of Pictionary. ;^) We did get all the way through the red cards and I suspect most of the way through the greens, so I suppose I have a reason to get expansions now…

December 24, 2002

Time off for the holidays finally permitted me update this thing. So far, I’ve completed a total rebuild of the underlying pages with WML. There wasn’t a whole lot of content change during this, mostly just a reformatting. With the templates in place, I will be reconsidering some of the color schemes and such. Then there is making meaningful updates to the interests and such. Finally, I’m considering some new areas.

WML is kind of the nuclear weapon of site management, so it is probably overkill for my personal site. But one of the projects that I have the itch to do is a website, so I some practice managing templates and such.

Since WML runs on UNIX, I’ve also converted everything back to .html, instead of .htm. If anybody actually linked to me (HA!) this could result in broken links.

Web page finally updated.

I’ve completed the basic transformation of my web page to a system that allows templates and other fun tricks with offline generation. No real content changes if you’ve been there before, except a few fixed links, but with the reformatting out of the way, hopefully some will be forthcoming.