January 24, 1999

Hi, and welcome to my new top page format, shamelessly copied from Rubicon Games’ website. Even though I probably don’t have any frequent visitors, anyone who does drop by can now see at a glance exactly what is new and interesting, instead of searching around on a page noted as new below. For starters, There is now a single text file for anyone wanting to read my Only the Roses Remember quest for Everway. A week or two ago, I also added the Gateway Magic school to the aforementioned Everway section, and found and fixed a few typos in the process. The link to my place of work was moved to the more about me page (Justin Love link on main page), and there were a few updates to the links and friends.

sections. Oh, and you’ve probably also noticed the mini-link list at the top of the main page, since the main one is getting pushed down by the What’s New section.

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